A Ride with the Imps – 22 February 2015 February 23, 2015Our Sunday ride to Yeadon was changed so that instead of finding our own way to the airport we joined the annual “55 miles in six hours” reliability ride organised by our friends at the Halifax Imperial Wheelers. A look at their route indicated that I would be able to promise anyone who rode with […]

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A grand day out February 16, 2015Facebook is responsible for a lot of things – clickbait news stories, photos of food, and in this case, suggestions for long rides. February is definitely the right time to complete a hilly 200km, right? Four members agreed that it was an excellent idea. We set off from Halifax at 8am on a misty Sunday […]

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Aachen visit: update February 10, 2015Arrangements for the Aachen visit (see posting below) are now being finalised.  It is still up to participants to make their own travel arrangements there, but for those who wish to stay the week and join the short tour of the Ardennnes, the plan is to travel back on the night ferry from Zeebrugge to […]

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New Funding Bid for Cycleway Improvements February 6, 2015West Yorkshire Combined Authority, representing the five West Yorkshire Local Authorities (Bradford, Calderdale, Kirklees, Leeds and Wakefield) have made a bid to the Government for funds to carry out a range of measures aimed at increasing the popularity of cycling in our area. At the end of 2014 the Government announced that it was making […]

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Pothole Reporting January 15, 2015Potholes are bad news for all road users, particularly cyclists. Since the clocks went back the problem became even worse, because there is less chance of seeing one in the dark. In 2014  the Government announced that every local authority was to be given extra money to fund pothole repairs.  Both Calderdale (£800k) and Bradford (£900k) were […]

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Feb 27 @ 7:45 pm
From CTC to a Racing Career @ Oddfellows Rooms | Halifax | United Kingdom
  Presented by Richard Binks
Horbury Bridge @ Elland Bridge
Mar 1 @ 8:45 am
Horbury Bridge @ Elland Bridge | Elland | United Kingdom
Ride Leader: John Southworth
Mar 6 @ 7:45 pm
Victorian and Edwardian Leisure @ Oddfellows Rooms | Halifax | United Kingdom
  Presented by Ian Dewhirst – very well recommended by Graham Joyce as being humorous and very entertaining
Shipley Glen @ Windmill Court
Mar 7 @ 9:30 am
Trawden @ Mytholmroyd Community Centre
Mar 8 @ 8:45 am
Trawden @ Mytholmroyd Community Centre | Mytholmroyd | United Kingdom
Ride Leader: Graham Joyce
Mar 13 @ 7:00 pm
Presentation Dinner. Please book with John Keighley before Sunday 1st March with menu choice and payment.
Scar Top @ King Cross
Mar 15 @ 8:45 am
Scar Top @ King Cross | Halifax | United Kingdom
Ride Leader: Alan Simpson   Note change of leader, length and destination from printed Gazette.
Otley Club Room @ Windmill Court
Mar 18 @ 10:00 am

Facebook Group Feed

Graham Ellis Graham Ellis 26 February 2015, 19:47
Id compromise on 1M, but 1.5M would be great!
Sarah Burbidge Sarah Burbidge 26 February 2015, 19:05
Does anybody know how I import a gpx file onto my Garmin 1000 doesn't seem to be a function on Garmin connect
Gary Mitchell I export mine through Strava than import through Garmin.That was 6 months ago, I could re-do a route and see if it works?
26 February 2015, 19:26
Mark Hush Connect to computer and copy the file into a folder called 'newfiles' when you switch the unit back on it should be available in courses
26 February 2015, 19:36
Martyn Bolt Martyn Bolt 23 February 2015, 21:35
I have seen debates about the direction of CTC of late and some hard working soul has produced a very interesting time line showing that change and challenge have been with us almost since the start, but that it is up to members to monitor and steer such matters? http://www.leicestersecular.plus.com/ctc/Other/Controversy.html
Kevin Merrison Kevin Merrison 23 February 2015, 21:11
Anyone able to lead the Sunday ride on March 15th from King Cross? I have got a commitment that I can't swap. It is the day of the Red Rose 200 as well, so guessing that some may be doing that one. Cheers
Graham Ellis I would happily lead the odd ride if required, but on this occasion im riding the Red Rose.
23 February 2015, 21:57
Alan Simpson Sorry - not without a map and compass. I have just had a look at google maps and it is way off any beaten track I have ever followed.
26 February 2015, 19:05
Kevin Merrison You don't have to go to Rawtenstall, feel free to go somewhere else :-)
26 February 2015, 19:20
Alan Simpson OK I will do it to scar top
26 February 2015, 21:30
Alan Simpson Still from king cross
26 February 2015, 21:31
Kevin Merrison Thanks Alan Simpson, I will update the website and calendar.
26 February 2015, 21:42
Alan Simpson Just a short ride rather than club one if thats ok.
26 February 2015, 21:46
Kevin Merrison Updated with the short and new details. Cheers
26 February 2015, 21:48
Reid Anderson Reid Anderson 22 February 2015, 20:30
A Ride with the Imps – 22 February 2015.

Our Sunday ride to Yeadon was changed so that instead of finding our own way to the airport we joined the annual “55 miles in six hours” reliability ride organised by our friends at the Halifax Imperial Wheelers. A look at their route indicated that I would be able to promise anyone who rode with me that:-
1. We would get round within the time limit;
2. We would not get lost;
3. We would have a cafe stop.
Sarah, Sean and Mark decided to take me up on this; John Lumb decided to join the fast boys (no girls), and groupie Dave Scott rode with us from the start to Odsal where we turned right and he turned left back to Halifax.

We rode in a group of 10 riders that stayed together all the way around the Bradford Ring road to Pool and Otley, but the others went off the front after we crossed over the Wharfe after Pool. The back roads alongside the river between Otley/Askwith/Ilkley/Beamsley are perfect for cycling, and it was no surprise to see hundreds of other riders on this stretch. Surprisingly, given the large numbers who are members of Ilkley CC and Otley CC most of the riders we saw were riding alone or in pairs.

We were back on the main roads after Bolton Bridge, but the traffic was very light and we had over 3 hours to complete the last 20 miles. We therefore had time – as promised- for a cafe stop at Rossis in Keighley. There were bikes parked outside which we assumed belonged to folk on our ride, but once inside we discovered that they belonged to Joe and Co. from Huddersfield and District CTC, who had ridden over to Cliffe Castle – a ride shortened because the cafe at Gargrave was being renovated.

It was drizzling a bit when we went inside the cafe, but when we emerged it was raining quite heavily. As we rode up Ingrow to Crossroads the rain became snow, and the nearer we got to the top it became sleet. Mark and Sarah went off the front at this point, and were out of sight by the time Sean and I reached the Five Flags junction. By this time the weather was simply appalling – slush on the road, and a wind in our faces carrying large quantities of sleet. The only redeeming factor was that the climbing was now over. If anyone asks me things I remember from this ride, it will be the sight of an elderly gentleman clearing several inches of snow from his car at Asa Nicholson’s. And the Imps rider who caught us at Queensbury lights. He told us he could not feel his fingers, and to prove the point he took off his gloves and squeezed them, depositing a large amount of water on the ground.

But the ride was now almost over, and Sean and I rolled into the car park at the Yew Tree with nearly 45 minutes in hand. Inside the scene was reminiscent of the final hours of Captain Scott’s fateful expedition to the Antarctic, gaunt people sitting around in silence contemplating their fate. Hot food was ordered not to be eaten, but to be held in hands as a means of warming them up. Assuming we would have been more or less the last to finish, I asked organiser JK to confirm this, but he said there were some folk still out there. After a few minutes some of the older Imps arrived, dripping and frozen, and as I left to return home to watch the second half of Everton v Leicester Mark and Sarah rolled in having inadvertently decided that the ride was not quite long enough and that a diversion via Halifax was called for.

The numbers on this ride were down on previous years, probably because many potential participants had looked at the weather forecast and decided that staying in bed was a more sensible option. Thanks to those who flew the flag for Calderdale CTC, let’s hope for better weather next time around. Or if we were to run this as a club ride as part of the 2015 programme.
Mark Hush Thanks for leading us round Reid, sorry we lost you at the end, it was so cold there was no where to easily stop, although karma meant we ended doing extra miles!
22 February 2015, 20:36
Graham Ellis Great ride. John Lumb and myself manage to make up lost ground after a puncture at the airport. Averaging 19mph between the airport and Ilkley trying to catch up.
22 February 2015, 20:47
Seán Hanson Thanks Reid... I'm not 100% sure my braking finger has had all feelings return!
22 February 2015, 20:55
Sarah Burbidge Seán Hanson I shared ur pain I couldn't squeeze my rear brake lever for the last few miles as left hand was completely numb :-(
22 February 2015, 21:18
Reid Anderson I forgot to mention Rossi's excellent carrot cake, as recommended by Janice Saleem.
22 February 2015, 21:18
Samantha Mann Well done everyone who took part!
22 February 2015, 22:33
Janice Saleem Great report that Reid and a very well done - you certainly deserved the carrot cake - My ride was 20 miles around home after i'd waved you all off and i just got caught in the start of the most atrocious weather i think we've ever had since i've been JKs sidekick for the event.
23 February 2015, 08:53
Alan Priim A cracking write up Reid. It makes me wish I had been able to come along, but I had to stay at home and look after my baby granddaughter. Then again, I am also pleased I had a good excuse, as the back end of the day sounded quite harsh and made worse by crashing into the Hudds CTC lot in Keighley. I am going to suggest we also use this as one of the club rides in 2016...Calderdale and Hudds could ride together.
23 February 2015, 18:35
Dave Power Scary stuff Reid. I thought this cycling lark was recreational! Makes me glad I went out on the Saturday instead.
26 February 2015, 09:39