Calderdale CTC Sunday Ride – 2nd August 2015 – Extra Meeting Points July 23, 2015This ride is shown in the Gazette and on the website as having a Mytholmroyd start (8.15 for 8.30), destination Meltham. As Ride Leader I have decided, after consultation with colleagues from Huddersfield CTC, to change the destination to Fairburn in order to meet for lunch – 1pm – with those participating on the John […]

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Car Assisted Ride – Important – Change of Date July 6, 2015The next Car Assisted Ride is shown in the Rides Programme for Sunday 26 July 2015. As this clashes with two other rides, including the Fleet Moss Audax ride, it has been decided to put back the next Car Assisted Ride to SUNDAY 16 AUGUST 2015. Everything else as printed in the programme remains the […]

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Morecambe Midnight Ride – 27 June 2015 July 6, 2015A ride from Calderdale to Morecambe and back, starting at midnight, was for many years a staple of the local cycling programme. Lack of an organiser – for many years Mel Gibson of Huddersfield did the honours – led to its demise, but organiser and general superstar Dave Dodwell revived it in 2014. The ride […]

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Calderdale Cycle Quest July 6, 2015Results for the July Edition of the Calderdale Cyclequest. Congratulations to the Jon and Phil for getting all the controls. Jon tells me he did 34km and 650 odd metres of climb in 90 minutes! The weather was very hot, humid and misty (and midgey) to start, but soon cleared up. Thanks to the Alma […]

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Women’s Cycling in Calderdale May 22, 2015If you are considering getting into cycling or are a regular cyclist, you may have noticed something pretty common about cyclists on the roads – they are mostly men! There is even a term developed for the new breed of rider – “middle aged man in lycra” or MAMIL. Cycling statistics tell us that around six times […]

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Cottonstones meet @ Sowerby Bridge Market
Aug 6 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Cottonstones @ Sowerby Bridge Market | Sowerby Bridge | United Kingdom
Ride Leader: Dave Scott
Hollingworth Lake meet @ Elland Bridge
Aug 9 @ 8:15 am
Hollingworth Lake @ Elland Bridge | Elland | United Kingdom
Ride Leader: Scenic Group standard ride of 36 miles
Leeming meet @ Morrison's, Illingworth
Aug 13 @ 7:00 pm
Leeming @ Morrison's, Illingworth | Halifax | United Kingdom
Ride Leader: Dave Dodwell
Haworth meet @ Stump Cross Inn
Aug 16 @ 8:15 am
Haworth @ Stump Cross Inn | Halifax | England | United Kingdom
Ride Leader: Alan Simpson
Wainstalls meet @ King Cross
Aug 20 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Wainstalls @ King Cross | Halifax | United Kingdom
Ride Leader : Holly Norris
Stocks Lane meet @ King Cross
Aug 27 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Stocks Lane @ King Cross | Halifax | United Kingdom
Ride Leader : Martin Bird
Holmfirth meet @ Elland Bridge
Aug 30 @ 8:15 am
Holmfirth @ Elland Bridge | Elland | United Kingdom
Ride Leader: Reid Anderson
Norwood Green meet @ The Stump Cross Inn
Sep 3 @ 7:00 pm
Norwood Green @ The Stump Cross Inn | Halifax | England | United Kingdom
Ride Leader : Alan Simpson
Dewsbury meet @ Elland Bridge
Sep 6 @ 8:30 am
Dewsbury @ Elland Bridge | Elland | United Kingdom
Ride Leader: John Keighley
Luddenden Dean meet @ King Cross
Sep 10 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Luddenden Dean @ King Cross | Halifax | United Kingdom
Ride Leader : Dave Dodwell
Padfield meet @ Elland Bridge
Sep 13 @ 8:30 am
Padfield @ Elland Bridge | Elland | United Kingdom
Ride Leader: Kevin Merrison
Jagger Green meet @ Elland Bridge
Sep 17 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Jagger Green @ Elland Bridge
Ride Leader : Graham Ellis

Facebook Group Feed

Andrew McCallum Andrew McCallum 03 August 2015, 08:22
Question for the techies in the group. My bike has a Shimano Tiagra group set with a 11-30 rear cassette. I want to change this to an 11-32 to get that extra bit of gearing on our lovely pennine hills. Questions as follows;
1. Is it worth it
2. Can I just change the cassette
3. If 2 is no what do I need to change?

Mark Hush If you're always reaching for another gear it could be worth it. You may need to change the rear derailleur to get enough clearance, a good bike shop will be able to advise
03 August 2015, 08:26
Peter Reason Chain whip and the shimano (tool) nut is required to remove the Cassette. Wouldn't think you need a new dérailleur. I have had several different cassettes and never replaced dérailleur. 32 will certainly help on them there yorkie hills
03 August 2015, 08:33
Ian Buday I had a new cassette fitted for the same reason, got a bike shop to do it. Glad I did as it makes the local hills doable now!
03 August 2015, 08:47
Kevin Merrison The difference it will make may be worth looking at first - there is a gear inch calculator here. It may be worth looking at whether you are running compact, conventional double or triple on the front as well. Changes here would be more of a significant step but it depends how much extra help is needed and what it will do to the 'steps' between gears.
03 August 2015, 08:58
Sarah Burbidge I have 11-32 u should just be able to chain cassettes and maybe longer chain , as for derailure mine is long as oppossed to short but I have sram wifli so shimano might be different .. but I only use my 32 when the steep climbs are fairly long helps when the legs get tired
03 August 2015, 09:00
Eddie Energy Eddie Energy I have 50/34 compact on front and 11-28 on the back, the 28 is the biggest cog I can have with my current road Tiagra dérailleur. Any bigger and it would have been catching. On my daughters bike( my old road bike) She has a 52/39 up front and an 11 to 36 on the back, with a mountain bike dérailleur to cope with the dinner plate!
03 August 2015, 09:11
Graham Joyce All sound advice. If you don't want to go down the front triple route and feel that the extra 2 teeth at the back are worth it, you may get away with changing the cassette only. It depends on how old the Tiagra rear mech is and whether it is a long arm. Latest medium arm Tiagras can cope with a bigger cog - new bikes now seem to come with 30T cassettes to meet the demand. Personally, I would be happy with 30T. I changed my 26T to a 28T bottom cog with a 50/34 without changing the 3 year old Tiagra mech, but anything bigger would have been too much for the mech. I can manage most hills with that set up but a 30 T would be better.
03 August 2015, 10:24
Andy Barron Might need a longer dérailleur.....
03 August 2015, 10:30
Andrew McCallum Why is nothing simple 😥
03 August 2015, 11:03
Eddie Energy Try finding replacement wheels that fit your precise individual foibles!
03 August 2015, 11:08
Mark Hush It wouldn't be fun if it was simple and I couldn't bore people talking about this stuff ;-)
03 August 2015, 11:35
Matt Riley Matt Riley 02 August 2015, 16:53
80 miles in total and now for a birthday pint. Thanks Reid Anderson for leading a super ride. Cheers Andy Black, John Lumb, Alan Alan Simpson and training partners and beer associates David Scott and Steven Barber
Martin Bird Good to see you guys at Fairburn, and you're getting the balance right !
02 August 2015, 19:23
Reid Anderson Thanks David Scott and friends for your company today. Good to see personal bests for mileages and calorific consumption courtesy of Dewsbury Wetherspoons full Englishes and the amazing spread at Fairburn put on by Pat and Emma. Great to be able to meet up with so many from Huddersfield CTC today, and good to see Martin Bird and Becky out too. A good ride for the ride leader, happy riders, no-one got lost or left behind. 72 miles for me and domestic harmony as I was back before 5. Happy birthday Matt Riley sorry I could not stay on for what looked to be a well deserved pint.
02 August 2015, 20:25
Martin Bird How come the Colliers ? Platinum Blonde at the B&B - you know it makes sense !
02 August 2015, 20:50
Matt Riley As a fine gentleman once told me in the B&B. "You can try a Yorkshire Blonde or a Platinum Blonde but you may struggle with a black sheep." Sam Smiths is a cracking pint Martin Bird.
02 August 2015, 21:13
Graham Ellis Graham Ellis 02 August 2015, 16:49
V9919 Hill Climb Halifax Imps
Graham Ellis Graham Ellis 01 August 2015, 23:17
Anyone wanting a challenge?
Enter via CTT website £10 entry
Matt Riley Matt Riley 01 August 2015, 20:53
Looking forward to the ride tomorrow.