Club Kit Order – for Autumn 2017

Yes, by the time this kit is delivered, summer will be over! I will be sending off a Bulk Order on Monday 28 August 2017 for the kit to arrive in time for the Closing Supper Run on Thursday 28 September . If you would like your order to be added, please get your order to me by Sunday 27 August. See below.

How to Join the Bulk Order

1. Download / Print the Order Form

There are two ways of completing the Club Kit Order Form:

  1. Electronically
    1. Select the Word document version of the Form;
    2. Download/save it onto your computer;
    3. Fill it in on-screen, and save it.
  2. On Paper
    1. Select the PDF version of the Form;
    2. Print it and complete it by hand.

2. Choose your Items

  1. Visit to choose your kit (Jerseys, Gilets, Shorts, Leggings, Jackets, Skin suits, Arm & Leg warmers, T-shirts Polo shirts and Hoodies)
    (Go to the club Facebook page at to read members’ discussion about kit)
  2. Make a note of the price (this is ex VAT)
  3. Work out the price including VAT (add 20%)
  4. Decide on zip length if appropriate. (Note: ½ is more like ¼ – 10cm, ¾ is more like ½  – 25cm!)
  5. Choose your size (NB Make sure you get the correct size – it cannot be returned! – Check with club members who have kit. Alternatively if you are passing the Force GB works in Victoria Mills, Liversedge, WF15 6DP I’m sure you could try some on for size.)

3. Choose method of payment.

Cash, cheque, PayPal, Bank transfer – see order form

4. Send/Hand your order

…with payment, to Dave Dodwell – see order form – to be received by Sunday 27 August 2017. It will then take 4 weeks for the order to be processed – planned to arrive by the Closing Club Run on Thursday 28 September.

5.Collect your order

… at the Closing Supper run (hopefully!), at the Friday Club Room, or Sunday ride by agreement, or from Dave’s house.

Individual Orders

Individuals can place orders directly at . The cost for individual orders is approximately 20% more than for the bulk order (see Online Price List), but that does include delivery to your home address.