Club Kit

Calderdale CTC Club Kit

The Design

Calderdale Club Kit was designed by Colin Chapman, who described it thus:

Firstly, maintaining the Blue/Yellow theme of the Club colours, I have incorporated them into a modern design suitable for the  21st Century. I have also introduced strategic White panelling to break up & soften the harsh contrasts of the Blue/Yellow blocks. Whilst the Yellow gives bright visibility during daylight hours, introduction of the White panels enhances low light visibility as an added safety feature!
Although a modern design, I have also acknowledged the traditions of the CTC by the introduction of “Winged Wheel” motifs to both shoulders & have also added subtle , tasteful “Yorkshire White Roses”, front & rear in recognition of our County roots. The chest banding also allows clear display of the Section branding, which, by spacing at two levels, reduces the script height resulting in a slightly smaller but neater banner.

What’s Available

Club Kit is made by Force GB. There are 3 qualities of material – Elite (competition), Club (regular club riders), and Event (one-off/souvenir kit).
The following is available:

  • Short Sleeve Jersey
  • Long Sleeve Jersey – summer and winter weight
  • Gilet – summer (with or without pockets) and winter weight
  • Arm Warmers – summer and winter weight
  • Rain Jacket (not found to be waterproof!)
  • Soft Shell Jacket (nobody has bought this yet…)
  • Club Shorts and Bib Shorts

Individual Orders

You can buy individual items direct from them by visiting their Club Shop. There’s usually about a 4 week delivery time and it is posted out to you.

Bulk Orders

If we can get sufficient orders together (6 – 10) the club can put in a bulk order. Cost of kit in a bulk order are approximately 20% less than individual orders.
Contact if you would like to be added to the next bulk order.
Click here for Bulk Order Price List.


Second Hand Kit

If you have any kit that you want to pass on, contact with details including a photo, and he will advertise it here.