The Old 240 – 400 km Audax

May 12, 2018 @ 5:15 am
Mytholmroyd Community Centre
Caldene Avenue
Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire HX7 5AJ
Chris Crossland
01422 832 853

The original 240 was a CTC West Yorkshire DA Standard Ride organised by Halifax CTC and remembered with affection (?) by many of the DA’s veterans, and some of the younger riders too. In its original form, the aim was to cover the 240 miles in 24 hours.

The challenging route takes in a lot of majestic country and some substantial hills including  the climbs of Barbondale, Hartside, Yad Moss, Kidstones, and Cock Hill Moor.

It was revived in 2002 as an Audax event by Frank Branch and Judith Willcock, who converted the old handwritten and much roneo’d and photocopied route sheets into intelligible form, making appropriate modifications that enhanced the route and kept it true to its origins. The route was modified in 2007, in order to accommodate the early start and to remove a section of trunk road, while retaining and enhancing the scenic qualities

The challenging route takes in a lot of majestic country and includes substantial climbing with 6.5 AAA points. There are no compromises as regards route or comfort. The route will take you to remote and inhospitable places (e.g.Yorkshire) as it climbs its way through majestic Pennine landscapes. There are long distances between controls and it is likely that you will need to carry food and drink, and be resourceful about your victualling. You should have complete confidence in your abilities and in your bicycle and its equipment, and will need to have adequate lighting to cope with unlit and poorly surfaced country roads in remote and hilly areas. Riders who successfully complete this event have the satisfaction of knowing that they have overcome one of Audax UK’s hardest challenges.