Club Kit Order

We’ve finally decided on a kit, based on a design by Colin Chapman. Colin writes:

Firstly, maintaining the Blue/Yellow theme of the Club colours, I have incorporated them into a modern design suitable for the  21st Century. I have also introduced strategic White panelling to break up & soften the harsh contrasts of the Blue/Yellow blocks. Whilst the Yellow gives bright visibility during daylight hours, introduction of the White panels enhances low light visibility as an added safety feature! Although a modern design, I have also acknowledged the traditions of the CTC by the introduction of “Winged Wheel” motifs to both shoulders & have also added subtle , tasteful “Yorkshire White Roses”, front & rear in recognition of our County roots. The chest banding also allows clear display of the Section branding, which, by spacing at two levels, reduces the script height resulting in a slightly smaller but neater banner.

Our kit is being made by Force GB – a local company based in Liversedge. To start with we are placing a bulk order (see ‘How to’ below) – by Friday 30 September 2016. We need at least 15 items to order in bulk. The order will then take 3-4 weeks to be processed. Once the bulk order has been placed, people can order individually online.  Individual orders cost approximately 20% more than bulk orders.

How to join the Bulk Order

1. Choose your Kit

  1. Have a look at the pictures above which show the Calderdale CTC design on different garments.
  2. Read more about the product design at
  3. Check the Club Price List for Bulk order prices (look on page 2)
  4. Decide on your size by checking the Sizing Guide. (look on page 1)
    Note: make sure you get the size correct; it cannot be returned if it doesn’t fit. Dave Dodwell has some samples that can be tried on (Dave is a 38″ chest but fits into a 40″ Large ). Halifax IMPS have the same supplier. Alternatively if you are passing the Force GB works in Victoria Mills, Liversedge, WF15 6DP I’m sure you could try some on for size.
  5. For jackets and jerseys, decide on zip size: short (100mm), 3/4 length (250mm) or full length.

2 Place your order

Orders and money for the bulk order need to be received by Friday 30 September 2016. Order will be placed the next day and will take 3-4 weeks to process.

  1. There are two ways of completing the Club Kit Order Form:
    1. Electronically
      1. Select the Word document version of the Form;
      2. Download/save it onto your computer;
      3. Fill it in on-screen, and save it.
    2. On Paper
      1. Select the PDF version of the Form;
      2. Print it and complete it by hand.
  2. Return the completed form to Dave Dodwell:
    • By email
    • By post
    • In person
  3. Include the payment (see Form for details):
    • PayPal
    • Bank transfer
    • Cheque
    • Cash

3. Collect your order

Dave will pick up the order from Force GB when it has been completed. You can then choose to pick up your order from his house, at the Friday evening club room, or on a Sunday ride (by arrangement).

Individual Orders

After the bulk order has been completed, individuals will be able to place orders directly at . The cost for individual orders is approximately 20% more than for the bulk order (see Online Price List), but that does include delivery to your home address.