Rosemary Millar Accident

Rosemary was involved in accident whilst on the Tints ride this Sat.29th Oct. Descending from Eldwick, she skidded on fallen leaves,caught the kerb & fell heavily onto the pavement, landing on her left side hip & rear shoulder area. After a brief recovery period she felt able to continue to the Glen Cafe although obviously sore. About an hour later she collapsed, semi conscious, with sickness & placed into a recovery position etc., and an ambulance called for. After primary treatment by a response crew she was transfered to Bradford R.I. She had regained consciousness & was aware of her surroundings by then.               She was found to have sustained 4 broken ribs & a haemotoma to her thigh & was admitted to hospital & made comfortable. She is currently on ward 20.       Many thanks to all the ride members for their responses & actions in the handling  of this situation. Colin