Organising a Ride via the Club’s Facebook Page V3 – 20 March 2021

When organising a ride via the Club Facebook Page:

  1. Make sure you are fully conversant with the latest Government and Cycling UK Advice and Guidelines, and do your best to comply. See:
  2. Mention that all riders must have read the conditions before they book on/attend, at: (
  3. Make it clear whether it is a:
    • Ad-Hoc Social Ride (any Cycling UK member can organise; each rider takes responsibility for themselves. Cycling UK members are covered by 3rd Party Insurance provided they comply with Advice and Guidelines as in #1) Tip: publish a gpx file of the route that people can follow independently., OR
    • Led Ride (led by named ride leaders only – you are responsible for the welfare of the riders, and are covered by Cycling UK public liability insurance provided they comply with Advice and Guidelines as in #1 ).
  4. Check that all riders are Cycling UK members which means they will be covered by Third Party insurance. Record their names so we can track and trace riders in the event of one of them subsequently developing symptoms.
  5. Ensure that it is possible to socially distance on a given ride (such as choice of meeting place and route), and at any cafe stops.
  6. Organise the ride to comply with the current restriction on group size. (A simple way to do this is to publicise the ride as a Facebook Event, stipulate maximum group size, and take the first people to book onto the ride. Note that Facebook ‘likes’ aren’t necessarily listed in chronological order.)
  7. Plan and run the ride in accordance with the Calderdale CTC ethos: we go at the pace of the slowest and don’t leave anyone behind. Details of the ride ( e.g. distance, hilliness, riding speed) will help people decide whether the ride is suitable for them.