Calderdale Cycling Strategy 2016-2031

I have been meaning for some time (well since the Strategy was adopted by Calderdale Council a couple of months ago) to put a link to it on the website and provide a commentary. By a commentary I mean a comparison of the final outcome of the process that led up to the publication of the Strategy, in particular the two well attended meetings in Hebden Bridge facilitated by Giles Perkins from the Consultants Mouchel and those issues I had previously indicated ought to be included in the Strategy.

Like cycleproofing of highways and other developments, performance indicators and targets, arrangements for meaningful and effective consultation with the local cycling community, and funding.

I have not so far been able to complete this analysis, and the formal launch of the Strategy (another Cycling Conference like the well attended one we had in 2014 perhaps ?) has yet to take place, but I thought I ought to provide a link to the Strategy in the form of the report on the Calderdale Council website so that people generally could have a look at it themselves.

So here it is

Reid Anderson

24 June 2017.