Clubnight Presentation 13 October 2017 – Report of the Local Cycling Campaigner

I gave a presentation of what I have been up to over the past year as the CUK Local Cycling Campaigner to the Clubnight held on 13 October.

There were some people (well one, actually) who thought it would be a good idea if the presentation (a couple of dozen Powerpoint slides) could be posted on the website so I am happy to comply with that request. The presentation, entitled “Another Frustrating year in the Life of your Local Cycling Campaigner” can be found here :-


Quite a lot of the presentation related to the recently adopted Calderdale Cycling Strategy; Calderdale Council has now posted on its website a link to the printed document and so if you want to look at it yourself I have posted the link here. My presentation was done on the same day as the launch of the Cycling Strategy; I have therefore edited my own presentation so as to highlight relevant pages of the Strategy  and other relevant documentation.

Since my presentation Calderdale Council has now published a link to a pdf version of the Cycling Strategy on its website and  link  to this can be found here

As you can see from this link, the Council is setting up an External Advisory Group to inform the development of the Strategy and on the assumption that Calderdale CTC will be represented on this Group, this is likely to be the focus of a great deal of interest in the future.