Cycling Facilities at Salterhebble – A629

The following appeared on the Calderdale Council News release today and I thought it should have some wider coverage.

The important bit is the recognition by Councillor Collins that cycling in Calderdale is not just about lycra, and that using a bicycle as a normal day to day activity ought to be encouraged. Whilst I personally have considerable reservations about the entire A629 scheme, in particular that it’s primary function is to manage existing traffic flows, and not to reduce the amount of motor traffic, and will do nothing to reduce the appalling levels of air pollution at Salterhebble, the fact that “Cycling as a mode of Transport” (and not simply as a leisure activity) is to be promoted and that the importance of infrastructure improvements if this is to become a reality has been recognised is a significant step forward.

And the establishment of the Local Cycle Forum should be a means by which local cyclists can influence how this should happen,.

Reid Anderson

Calderdale CTC