Potholes 2018

The Government has just announced that it is going to give Calderdale Council the best part of £400k for the repair of potholes.

I gave a response to the Evening Courier today which reads as follows;

“Obviously the funding for pothole repair announced by the Government is welcome, but it has to be set against the general reductions for routine highway maintenance that have occurred in recent years. There was a similar “pothole fund” in 2014 and Calderdale got nearly a million pounds that time around. Of all road users, cyclists are disproportionately affected by potholes. If a motorist hits a pothole it is an inconvenience; if a cyclist hits a pothole there is a good chance they will end up in A and E or worse. Calderdale Council has a very good reporting system for potholes and we encourage local cyclists to use it; our parent organisation, Cycling UK has been running a “Fill that Hole” campaign for years and there is no sign that it is a problem that is going away any time soon. Calderdale Council ‘s Transport Strategy says the key challenge Calderdale faces is to increase the number of trips made by public transport, walking and cycling, but cycling trips will only increase with a suitable and well maintained highway network”

For those who are interested, a link to the Government announcement is here:-


In the response to the Courier I made reference to the Council’s (I am talking here about Calderdale, the arrangements for Bradford and Kirklees are obviously different).

l would encourage folk to report potholes of which they are aware. If you don’t ask, you don’t get. Think about the next cyclist who comes along, they may not have been as lucky as you (if you saw it and managed to avoid it)

A link to the relevant page on the Calderdale website is here:-


Keep safe !!

Reid Anderson

29 March 2018.