Results of Survey “How do you find out what Calderdale CTC is doing?”

The survey was opened on 13 November 2018 and ran for one month. It was aimed at the (approx 100) club members that take an active part in our events (rides and clubroom). It was published on Facebook, on the web, via the Autumn Tints mailing list, and verbally at the Clubroom and on rides. 44 people responded to the survey.

All forms of communication are used quite extensively. Over a 6 month period, the Gazette is the most commonly referred to form of communication. Facebook is the medium referred to most frequently (70% of respondents use it at least once a week). Colin of the Autumn Tints uses email rather than Facebook to send out notices of any changes to the programme (e.g. cancellations), although one of the leaders – John Southworth – also uses Facebook. The website has a steady consistent usage (about 25% of respondents).

Each method of communication has it strong points:
Gazette: Advantages – Paper easy to refer to /hand out; gives the full 6 months picture. Disadvantages: Quickly out of date. Members are divided as to whether they like the traditional format or would prefer a more modern image.
Web Site: Advantages – Can hold more info than the Gazette, and more layout possibilities than Facebook. Also can be updated. Most people like the diary format for events. Disadvantage – not particularly attractive, sometimes out of date.
Facebook: Advantages – Contains the most up-to-date information. Photos, maps etc of rides. Discussions of all things cycling-related. Disadvantage: A linear format. Not everyone happy about using it.
Colin’s Email List. Advantages – people on the list rely on updates and cancellations of Tints rides.