Secretary’s Report

I have written to Richard Loh, Eric Meadwell and John Greene about serving on the committee as we move forward.

I have also written to Dave Dodwell, Graham Joyce and John Whiteley to clarify their positions about serving on the Committee. I also received an email from Richard Loh about the future of the club and numbers of people stepping down this year, which generated some good email discussion.

The result of all the above is summed up as follows.

Still waiting to hear from Richard Loh and John Greene

Eric Meadwell has indicated he would like to serve on the committee but not have a designated role.

Dave D will continue to serve on the committee in his role as registration officer.

Graham  will no long be able to produce reports for external relations and we do need someone willing to take up this role. In the transition period Graham is prepared to remain on the committee in the short term.

Jill accepts that it will take a while to handover the treasurer role and is prepared to continue to serve in the short term whilst we find a volunteer.

John Whiteley wishes to give up the welfare role but is willing to continue on the committee as vice president.  He recognises that Welfare officer is a mandatory role so if no one else will do this role and it would mean the club not being able to function he is prepared to continue.

I have drafted an email to all the club members regarding the AGM. This has now been submitted to CUK to be sent out to members. I also managed to post the same content on our group page of CUK.

Communications with CUK

I wrote to Tom Page after our last meeting to give him the date of our AGM and ask him the questions raised about proxy and postal voting.  To date I have not received a reply despite sending follow up emails. I have emailed Julie Rand to see why Tom isn’t replying.