Trips & Touring

Ruthin rugby clubhouse July 2023
Welsh Festival of Cycling, Ruthin

There is a long history and tradition of touring within the club. ‘CTC’ stands for ‘Cyclists Touring Club’ – the original name of our parent organization before it became ‘Cycling UK’.

Past trips have been to a Youth Hostel in Arnside, weekend camping at the York Cycle Rally and the Welsh Festival of Cycling.

Cycle Touring involves ‘moving on’, either carrying your own lightweight tent, or staying in overnight accommodation. Either way you experience the wonderful feeling of independence, and freedom of the open road. Recent member tours have been to the Hebrides, Cuba, and Portugal. Visit our Reports and News to read about their adventures.

Most trips and tours are organized informally between club members, but if you are interested, get talking to people and get inspiration.

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